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About us

We are a portuguese brand of crochet swimwear.

All our items are handmade. Each piece is the result of many hours of devoted work from our team, especially our artisans who put their heart and soul into every stitch to create the perfect product.

As a result of this handmade process each piece is different in the same way each person is different: for their unique characteristics and styles. Meaning the swimwear becomes an expression of your individuality.

As a brand we strive to create a range that sits between vintage and luxury that highlights the best in you while giving you maximum comfort. In order to achieve that we use the highest quality materials, spending hours to ensure a perfect fit.

 Try it and you will understand it.

Inspired by 80s movie the blue lagoon, Cru Swimwear is a brand that takes us back to those natural, innocent days before heavy manufacturing and commercialism.

We support the integrity of each living being while promoting a way of contact with nature in its purest state. Cru Swimwear believes in a non-mass production philosophy, therefore each product is exclusive and limited edition.


Thank you,

Co-founder Catarina Gil



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During the manufacturing process our artisans put a lot of care and love into each piece. The materials they use are the crochet thread, mostly cotton ; they also introduce elastic where it is needed in order to create a confortable produt that adjusts to our costumer’s body; in the end every piece is lined with lycra .

Please note that once handmade no items can be exactly the same.

Thank you, 

Co-founder Catarina Gil.